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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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fire at a brownstone the damage and investigation this morning. >> the major attack launched taking iraqi cities back. >> and waking up later for schools the debate over pushing . >> how about waking up later for work? i like that idea. good morning everybody. >> it ih . i like that idea too. >> 4:30 danielle, you know what, you have great news. >> so we're going to be warm the next several days. it's going to feel like summer.
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the past few mornings. most communities as you're stepping out are 10 to 30 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. currently we're in the 50s to low 60s for most of us. 62 in taunton, low 60s out over the cape and islands. had a couple sprinkles overnight but these clouds are going to be 60 this morning sunrise 7 a.m. a blend of sun and clouds by lunchtime, the wind will be light, light enough that a sea breeze kicks in. right at the coastline we'll stay in the low 70s. clouds will increase for the ride home. for we'll take you to some rain as we head into the end of the week. live look at the eastbound lanes of the pike. there's a
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here's what's happening eastbound as you make your way into the city, lane closure near the market street overpass. there is also some complete exit closures eastbound on the pike as well, exit 22, 24 and 25. . all right we'll start with a developing story where police are investigating a reported shooting. a man was shot just after 9 last night. he was taken by med flight to a boston hospital. fire causing nearly a million dollars in damage at a brownstone. it houses a restaurant and art gallery and six, one bedroom apartments. people did not have a lot of time to get out. >> people could see the flames. get out, get out, get out. and i'm like wow. i didn't realize it was below me.
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the cause is under investigation this morning. a 2-year odd girl shot while sitting in her car seat is recovering this morning. police think her father was the intended target of the shooting but say he's not cooperating with the investigation. >> reporter: one day after toddler was shot while sitting in her car seat boston's mayor is calling on the child's father to come forward with information that could lead to an arrest. >> they clearly this young girl's father and he's clearly not talking to the police about it. i can't fathom that that he's not willing to help us to figure out who shot his 2-year odd baby that was put in a car seat. >> reporter: she was shot in the back seat of a car. her father was standing outside. police say the bullet bent straight through her hand and leg. >> the baby appears to be fine. i visited with with the baby.
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the suspect who has a beard was driving a gray and black motor scooter when he opened fire. >> they were just bang bang bang bang. >> reporter: both police and the mayor are frustrated that the child's father is not giving any information. >> the father is a known gang kid to us who also is not telling us the truth of what happened here. fortunate. >> we're trying to find out who did the shooting. >> neighbors are calling on the shooter to come forward. >> how can can you sit back and not say nothing? who does that? what human being can go to sleep at night and rest their headed knowing you hurt a child. >> reporter: child services is investigating. . a convicted level 3 sex
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and due in court today. richard gardner was arrested in south boston on friday on a fugitive warrant. the convicted child rapist was released from prison early after serving almost 30 years of a 190-year sentence. a major offensive underway in iraq. troops are working to push isis largest city. about 30,000 troops are involved in the fight. it will be the most complex since u.s. forces left 5 years ago. isis is telling wounded fighters to leave and building tunnels. on the campaign trail monday morning former president bill clinton is headed to new hampshire pushing his wife's economic plans with the just 3 weeks until election day donald trump is now trying to connect hillary clinton to a
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in north carolina. . >> reporter: offering no evidence donald trump pinned saturday night's fire bomb attack of the republican party headquarters to hillary clinton and her supporters tweeting quote animals representing clinton and dems in north carolina just fire bombed the office because we are winning. >> burned the couch and chair. >> reporter: clinton also took to twitter calling the incident horrific and unacceptable. . >> the election is being rigged by corrupt media. >> reporter: the incident came as trump spent the weekend casting doubt on the u.s. election system. top advisor claims sunday democrats could steal votes in inner cities. >> you want me to tell me that i think the election is going to be fair?
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moroon to say that. >> mike pence was more cautious. clinton still faces challenges of her own as wikileaks continues to push accomplish more emails. the latest batch shows aides struggling to respond to the lgbt community after being praised for starting aio aids in the 1980s, activists have formly criticized ronald re began. >> they'll face off their their final debate wednesday. the debate over pushing back school start times take center stage today.
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more sleep. a meeting will be held to debate that measure at 3:00 this afternoon. should massachusetts lift the cap on charter schools. voters will decide that question in november and tonight we're holding a debate on question 2. you can hear both sides of the issue tonight at 8:00 on my tv 38. a home coming to remember at gillette stadium. tom brady makes his home debut following his suspension and fans of 12 back on his home turf. >> beating the bengals. >> what a day sunday was. brady made his first regular season start since last december. fans were out in full force. a more than welcome sight for fans brady takes the field for the
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7-3 cincinnati in the second, patriots go up 10-7 at the half. second half gronkowski for a touchtown pass. patriots win it 35-17 for brady's home coming. >> we always get great crowds. they were into it today. i was glad we could do a lot better in the second half. >> it's good to be 5 and 1. i think we're just got to keep stringing these games together. >> brady wins and wins big in his 2016 debut at gillette stadium. over to you. >> up next the steelers it appears pittsburgh quarterback won't play and multiple reports say he'll have surgery. back up qb jones is expected to start next week against the pats. and
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right here on wbz. kick off at 4:25. . coming up fines forgiven. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars off the hook, we'll have the details coming up. >> plus electronic tolling is happening soon, the big meeting planned this week. >> and meeting the baby who just couldn't wait, the emergency
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in today's money watch pepsi is revamping their drink line up. >> and there's one thing that ll they're not. >> reporter: good morning. pepsi is reducing sugar from it. they say by 2025 their goal is that 2-3rds of their drinks will have less sugar. young americans are not saving o a new poll.
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to 30 have series in retirement savings and only 7% say they're in line to get pensions. and macy's will stay open thanksgiving. this year several major retailers and shopping malls said they're going to keep their doors closed for the holidays so employees can celebrate with family. >> but we don't do that here because of our blue laws so we don' because of thanksgiving. we'll have to go overstate lines. >> you're forced to eat turkey and spend time with your family. >> all right. thank you. it's always nice to get an escae sometimes, get out of the house. >> absolutely fair, totally. dunkin doughnuts is usually open isn't it? >> that's what the nap is for i'm so tired even if you're not
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impressed with the temperatures we have on tap for new england over the next couple of days. 63 in boston right now, that's actually warmer than our average high temperature is typically this time of year. it is a much warmer start compared to the past few mornings. low 60s for us on the cape and islands. a couple quick sprinkles overnight. still some clouds in additional rain back through parts of the great lakes too. be don't have to worry about that right now. a lot of heat. check out the forecast highs too 90 in a lot of spots. 80 in chicago this afternoon, 90 in dallas, a lot of 80s from philadelphia to d.c., 70s here in new england. so well above average, 72 in boston today. there will be a little sea breeze right at the
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bit cooler than for us through the interior. 75 in bedford. 76 in norwell. a varying amount of clouds and sunshine today. this warm front is going to lift northward. so we'll start with perhaps a shower and low clouds by tomorrow morning but mid to late morning the sun is breaking out. and then we go into the 80s, into the 80s tomorrow afternoon. we're going to approach records in many spots. wednesday a blend o clouds and late in the day there's a cold front coming in, not a lot of moisture with it though. so it looks like we stay dry and warm through the mid part of the week. tonight mostly cloudy chance of a shower, 58 for an overnight low. look at these highs tomorrow forecasting 83 in boston that would beat the old record. low 80s for a lot of us here metro west, southern new hampshire will take a little bit longer
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bit longer. 80 still on wednesday so still warm and then thursday a big cool down there will be some scattered showers that come in, chance of some of that rain lingering into the end of the week on friday and cooling down for the weekend. it looks like a little brighter by the time we get to sunday. well, we told you with about construction happening on the pike. you'll also see crews working on the expressway this closed at columbia road to south bay and closer to the city 2 right lanes closed at exit 18 and more lane closures at exit 27. by the way all of this construction is set to wrap up at 5 a.m. well, drivers can get more information this week about the new electronic toll lane coming to the mass pike. they'll discuss the demolition of the plazas and the nashua and
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system goes into effect on october 28th those without an ez pass will be seventh a bill in the mail. public meetings will be held tomorrow and wednesday. both meetings start at 6:30. >> thank you very much. the mbta forgives more than $800,000 in fines against the company that runs the commuter rail. they say they already paid 6 and a dollars because of late trains. . you might remember this video a cruise ship hit the railroad bridge last week. the u.s. army core of engineers has since inspected all 3 bridge there and they're all fine. the
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under if it had folded down a pole that's designed to shorten. >> does not sound good. in today's health watch the state is trying to figure out what's making health care so expensive in the state. leaders are sitting down with insure remembers here today and tomorrow to examine the driving factors. total spending on health care rose by more than 4% last year that's over the bench mark the state set under the health care law. and the state is trying to curb the prescription abuse problem. this saturday fringe lynn and worcester counties are opening special location to say drop them off. it's part of national prescription drug take back day. straight ahead asking whitey
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a little early this year, the
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major surgeries. the officers were shot last week while responding to a domestic disturbance call. investigators say the suspect kirk figueroa ambushed them. figueroa was killed by police. meanwhile the support from the city continues to pour in. the prudential tower was lit up in blue last night in honor of the boston police department and those injured officers. a stand off in one neighborhood, police were called to a house on francis street for aor when they got there they say a man was armed and barricaded in his home with several other people who refused to come out. neighbors were told to stay inside their homes during the stand off. police are still investigating. whitey bulger says he'll not help another man who may have been put in jail for a crime he reportedly did not commit. wikel was wrongly committed of murder. a friend wrote to bull
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he says he won't do it. he's fighting for a new trial. house speaker wants a special panel to review the ethical guidelines for public officials. he's pushing for an 11 member task force. if approved they would review the state's conflict of interest and ethics rules and look at campaign finance disclosure laws. he started talking about the idea after reports of a senator brian joyce over whether he used his public position to help his private law practice. he's not been charged and denied any wrong-doing. on your monday the best and brightest young professionals are gathering in boston for forbes magazine 's under 30 summit. michael phelps is in town. the event started
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tomorrow. it includes motivational speakers, contests and networking opportunities. thousands of people are expected to attend. the pregnant manatee rescued off cape cod is heading home this week. she was rescued last month as the water temperature started to drop. she had been giving visitors quite the show. the aquarium says she is healthy and so is the baby and ready to head back home. good f going back south. okay a tua little early for thanksgiving. >> caused a lot of problems on 93 south yesterday. take a look those drives by were able to take a few pictures. this is on the elevated section. fortunately the bird stayed in the break down lane and guessing it was probably on its way out of town before november. he is like i am out of here. too close to the holiday. going north.
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>> no, you know what there's traffic every single hour of the day. well an emergency that just doesn't wait. >> the bundle of joy delivered on the way to the hospital and who stepped in to help, that's
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all right listen to this one, a mother goes into labor on the mass pike. >> merge responders rushed to help with the delivery. >> police say the couple pulled
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troopers and boston ems responded and mom delivered that baby right in the back of an ambulance. afterwards they were all taken to mass general hospital. police say mom and son are doing great. state police say it was excellent work by all. . >> and someone who's had 2 babies in a hospital and a lot of people helping them that to me is a nightmare, a nightmare. >> someone who's and never will i'm just like -- >> congratulations for being so tough. >> you are top stories weather and traffic all straight ahead. >> the news at 5 starts right now. developeding right now at 5 police investigating a reported shooting, the details we're learning overnight. >> a major offensive underway in iraq right now troops working to push isis out of the country's second largest city. >> and the debate over school start times taking center stage
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. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. . >> good morning to you, 5:00 on the dot right now. >> thanks for joining us, monday october 17th it is sadly monday, but it sure feels a lot better than last week. temperatures right now are about 10 to 30 degrees warmer than what we had t above where we were at this time yesterday with a temperature of 64 in boston right now just to put it in perspective the average high this time of year should be 61. so we're already above that. 50s for a lot of the rest of us to low 60s out over the cape. a couple sprinkles overnight, some clouds in place. these clouds shifting north and east. temperatures


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